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Professional Fence

When it comes to installing a fence, choosing the right type of professional fence is crucial for both the aesthetic appeal and the longevity of the fence. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

  Purpose: Determine the main purpose of the fence. Are you looking for privacy, security, or decoration? Different types of fences are better suited for different purposes. For example, a wooden privacy fence is great for privacy, while a chain-link fence is better for security.

  Material: Consider the different types of materials available for professional fences such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. Each material has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, such as maintenance requirements and durability.

  Cost: The cost of the fence will vary depending on the material and the size of the area to be fenced. Be sure to get quotes from several different fence companies to ensure you are getting the best price for the type of fence you want.

  Local regulations: Before installing a fence, check with your local government to see if there are any regulations or permits required. Some neighborhoods have restrictions on the height and style of fences that can be installed.

  Installation: Choose a professional fence company that has experience in installing the type of fence you want. A professional company will have the necessary tools and equipment to properly install the fence, ensuring that it is level and secure.

By considering these factors, you can be sure to choose the best professional fence for your fence installation. With the right fence, you can enjoy the benefits of privacy, security, and added curb appeal to your property.

Welcome to Professional Fence, your go-to source for all things residential fencing in the New Orleans market and a 50-mile radius. We are a team of experienced fence contractors who specialize in fence installation, repair, and replacement.

One of the most popular fencing options in the New Orleans area is wood fencing. It offers a natural look and can be customized to fit the style of your home. Our team of experts can install a wood fence that not only looks great but also provides privacy and security for your property.

Another popular option is vinyl fencing. It is a durable and low-maintenance option that comes in a variety of colors and styles. Our vinyl fences are made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the New Orleans area.

We also offer aluminum and chain link fencing for those looking for a more industrial look. These types of fencing are also highly durable and require very little maintenance. They are perfect for securing commercial properties or for creating a barrier around your home.

If privacy is your main concern, we have a variety of options for you, from traditional privacy fencing to the more unique picket fencing. All of our fences are built to last and are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Hurricane-resistant fencing is also an important aspect to consider in this area, and we offer options that can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. We also provide fence inspection, maintenance, and warranty services to ensure that your fence stays in great shape for years to come.

At Professional Fence, we understand that every property is unique, and that's why we offer custom fencing services. Our team can work with you to design a fence that fits your style and your budget. We also follow all the necessary regulations and permits process to make sure that everything is up to code.

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company that serves the New Orleans market and a 50-mile radius. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you choose the best fencing option for your property.

In conclusion, no matter what type of fencing you need, Professional Fence has you covered. From wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link to custom fencing, our team of experts can provide you with high-quality and durable fencing solutions that meet your needs, budget, and style. Contact us today and let us show you why we are the best fence company in the New Orleans area.


"Professional Fence: Residential and Commercial Security Fencing in Metairie, LA, Kenner, LA, Harvey, LA, Marrero, LA, Westwego, LA, Gretna, LA, Chalmette, LA, Slidell, LA, Covington, LA, Mandeville, LA, Laplace, LA, Destrehan, LA, Boutte, LA, Luling, LA, Reserve, LA, Pearl River, LA, Hammond, LA, Franklinton, LA, Bogalusa, LA, Abita Springs, LA and the Greater New Orleans Area, LA"

Professional Fence services the Kenner area for over 30yrs specializing in fencing installs for commercial and residential fencing applications.

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